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    Zhejiang TPM Pneumatic–Elements & Pipelines Co., Ltd.

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    Business philosophy

    Business philosophy: People-oriented, strict management, reform and innovation, and considerate service.

    People are a precious resource in an enterprise. Respect for individuals, fully empowered, pay attention to the environment and the quality of employees are the source of motivation for enterprise development;

    Management is the eternal theme of enterprise development, and strictness is the guarantee of effective management. The production and operation of enterprises are always carried out orderly under the exercise of management functions such as planning, organization, control, coordination, command and decision-making, so as to create good benefits. Strict management is the guarantee;

    Only by continuous reform and innovation, actively developing new products, relying on technological innovation and value innovation, can we win the market;

    To provide customers with perfect pre-sale, in-service and after-sales service in a timely, professional and friendly way, and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises on the premise of customer value-added and good feeling;

    Management policy: take the initiative to attack, control the market, know yourself and know the other, step by step.

    Enterprise spirit

    Enterprise spirit: dedication, integrity, teamwork, innovation

    1. Dedication:

    (1) It is a spirit of dedication to the career, and the pursuit of career as a career.

    (2) It is a kind of professionalism. Constantly challenge difficulties, challenge ourselves, continuously improve and perfect, and pursue to be better.

    (3) It is a spirit of taking responsibility, taking risks for the cause, actively looking for opportunities and exploring new growth points.

    2. Honesty:

    (1) Emphasize loyalty to the company and job responsibilities, dedication to one's duties, and emphasis on personal credit;

    (2) The spirit of honesty is the foundation of the company and its employees, and it is the prerequisite for the company to establish a good communication atmosphere and mutual trust;

    (3) Emphasize the fulfillment of promises between enterprises and customers, employees and enterprises, superiors and subordinates, and do what they say.

    3. Team:

    (1) It is a good professional realm full of cooperative spirit, an interactive concept with an open mind, and an ecological atmosphere where communication is barrier-free.

    (2) Responsible for their own work, responsible for team work, and focus on collaboration with other departments. There is a holistic concept of partial submission to the overall situation;

    (3) Pay attention to the establishment of a harmonious and healthy working environment and interpersonal relationships.

    4. Innovation:

    (1) Constantly surpass the past and keep making progress.

    (2) Actively explore new methods and working ideas based on the original success, and make continuous progress.

    (3) Pay attention to basic work, look for and discover innovative breakthrough points in every detail, and be good at learning and summarizing.

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